Anna of Byzantium - essay

Anna watched as her brother got the throne, and held her head down in shame, knowing she would never get it back. The historical narrative "Anna of Byzantium,"written Tracy Barrett, was about a Byzantine princess named Anna, who was also the protagonist of the book. She was destined for the throne, but lost it, when her brother overheard her saying she wanted to kill him. Through rage and greed, she tried to murder him but was caught and exiled, to a convent far from Constantinople, and even farther from the luxury she greedily lost.

Good Character Supports Future Goals

It is expected that most of the people who live in this world want a successful life. Before success, all the students have a lot of good character and steps needed to be positive, and can not let negative mind control us. Optimism and honesty are two principles of character that will help them achieve future goals of having successful life.

America was in World War II

In chapter six "We Are the Outcasts" of Monica Sone's Nisei Daughter, the author explains some of the hardships that the Nisei generation encounters as Japanese-Americans. The beginning of the chapter starts off by telling the readers how Sumiko has fallen ill. The author explains that she has asthma and gets asthma attacks every winter. Sumiko was very weak and started coughing up some blood. The blood really concerned the family so they called a doctor to come check her out. The doctor became very concerned about Sumiko's cough and ordered them to see a specialist.